Are you searching for beautiful, functional fence styles? Keep in mind the following factors before you make this critical decision. Here’s a guide to choosing vinyl fence styles.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Vinyl Fence Styles

Homeowner’s association (HOA) requirements. Does the neighborhood that you presently reside in require a specific fence? If so, you are limited to the vinyl fence styles that are allowed to be installed in your neighborhood. What about color? Primarily, you see a vinyl fence in two colors, white and almond. Other colors, such as grey and wood imitations usually have to be custom ordered. If you don’t have any restrictions, then you need to choose the right vinyl fence to meet your needs.

Choose the Right Vinyl Fence Style

Privacy Vinyl Fence: If you’re looking for privacy, then a six-foot vinyl fence is what you will want. Occasionally, you will see vinyl fences where the privacy section is five feet and can be ordered with one foot of lattice at the top. These vinyl fence styles are more decorative, yet they still give you some privacy.

Picket Vinyl Fence: This style of fence is more decorative, and its primary function is to define property boundaries. A picket fence style is usually installed for aesthetic purposes to enhance the look of front areas of a residence or commercial property.

Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence: The primary feature of this style again defines property boundaries. This vinyl fence style comes in either 2-rail or 3-rail. The 3-rail ranch style is used for standard fencing and is popular for containing livestock. Horse ranches utilize this style when they prefer aesthetics and functionality.

Cross Buck Vinyl Fence: This style is becoming more popular due to the look of the design, which is different from the standard ranch rail vinyl fence. It’s also used for the containment of livestock.

Determine Your Fence’s Use

Do you want to enhance your home’s privacy? Provide a barrier between your kids and your swimming pool? Keep your pets inside your yard and pests out of it? The variety of vinyl fence styles means you will need to choose an option that best suits your most pressing needs. A picket rail fence can stop your kids from running out into the middle of the road, but it doesn’t provide much privacy. However, a privacy fence offers enhanced security but can block the view beyond your wall.

Select the Right Height

The first factor to consider is whether your municipality or homeowner’s association has restrictions regarding the height and placement of your fence. A higher fence may require a permit or variance for installation.

Finding the Right Vinyl Fence Style in Orlando, Fl

When you finally decide on the perfect vinyl fence style, our experts at All County Fence Contractors are there for you. We offer a full-service of vinyl fencing services. We understand what will work and not work for your home. In addition, we will go over the cost to install a vinyl fence, so there are no surprises on installation. Contact us today for a home vinyl fence estimate.