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Benefits of a Wood Fencing

Trying to decide on the material for your fence? Don’t write off wooden fencing as an option; the classic fencing material remains one of your best option for a natural look. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing wood for your fencing:


For many property owners, the benefits of wood fencing begin and end at one point: it’s exceptionally inexpensive to install. Material costs can be quite low depending on the type of wood you choose and the labor is relatively straightforward and quick. Altogether, this adds up to wood being one of the cheapest home fencing option in the short term.

The nature of wood fencing designs also makes it a relatively inexpensive fence option for maintenance; while you’ll need more dramatic overhauls from time to time, most incidental damage from accident or aging can be replaced with minimal effort or involvement of extra tools.

Easy to maintain

If you want to keep a fence looking great for years to come, wood is a top contender for end-user convenience. A well-designed and well-built wooden fence will mature and look better over time, reaching its peak at the same time other fencing materials begin to look a bit worn around the edges. While more vibrant or unusual designs may require more frequent recoating, your standard fence will look great for a very long time with the occasional scrub-down.

As mentioned when discussing cost, it’s also easy to maintain in the face of real damage. A single cracked plank is easily replaced on a wooden fence, in a way it may not be with alternative materials.

Practical design options

Wood can be adapted to meet the needs of nearly any property without greatly increasing the cost of the final product. Furthermore, the sheer age of wood fencing as an option means there are countless choices out there for your property, whatever your needs may be; you won’t need to hope for the best with an untested or unfamiliar design. If a situation warrants a fence, someone at some time has figured out a way to fence it with wood.

For a simple example of the options available, you might choose vertical or horizontal designs, different levels of density for different levels of privacy and shade, different heights, etc.

Aesthetic versatility

Just as flexible as its design options are your aesthetic options with wood. While a wire fence or aluminum fence may struggle to meet certain property aesthetics or goals, wood will always be an acceptable addition to your property. You may need to do some work to find the exact right wood, varnish, paint color, and design, but eventually you’ll find the wooden fence that makes your property look its best.

Many of the same options you may consider for practical differences also influence the final aesthetic; a traditional vertical privacy fence looks very, very different from a similarly tall horizontal privacy fence, even if built with identical materials.

Environmentally friendly

Wood remains one of the most environmentally friendly materials for fencing, especially if you take a special effort to make sure every component of the fence is ‘green’. It’s also the only easy and responsible choice for fences you don’t need to maintain in the future, as wood is biodegradable and will eventually be reclaimed if abandoned in a way a metal fence design may not.

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Wood remains an excellent choice for fencing, but it’s not always the perfect fit for your property. Make sure you do your homework and figure out what you really need before you commit; installing a full wooden fence only to decide you’d rather have aluminum could be costly. You can find out more about the benefits and limitations of wooden fencing and alternative materials by contacting us. We would be happy to give you ideas for what would work best for your property.

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