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Wood Fence Installation in Orlando, FL

The timeless beauty of a wood fence adds to the appeal of a home as well as increases privacy and much more. We can build your wood fence to increase the appearance of your Central Florida home as well as provide other important factors to your property. We are a commercial and residential fencing company that is trusted in the Orlando area and can install everything from country-style picket to stockade fencing.

Materials Used

  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Pressure treated wood

Cedar is naturally insect repelling and tends to warp less. Cypress is similar to redwood but is found in the southern states; much lighter than redwood, it is also red or tan in color. Pressure treated wood is the least expensive option for your wood fencing.

Common Lumber Types

  • Pine panels
  • Spruce panels
  • Cypress panels
  • Cedar panels

Although redwood is beautiful and is used extensively in California, where it can last as long as 25 years, it tends to deteriorate in regions that are outside of California. It has been used for decks, siding and railings as well as fencing.

Advantages of the Wood Fence

Although wood may have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years and may need maintenance, we see many advantages to wood fences. These are that they:

  • Are cost effective
  • Provide full privacy
  • Lightweight, easy to install or take down
  • Can be painted a color
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable

Although there is no warranty on a wooden fence, it does provide timeless beauty as well as privacy. Painting the wood with water repellent and quality weatherproof paint will protect it from the Florida humidity and add to the longevity of your fence.


What are the steps that we use to build your wood fence? Here is a brief guide to our installation process.

First, we decide the design of the fence. Spacing of the fence posts is determined and the holes are dug. We securely bury about a third of the post in the ground to ensure it will hold up in high winds and rain. Rails are then added and secured to the posts; we make sure that all is correctly aligned.

Fence boards in your choice of wood are then nailed in; we check often to ensure that the boards are plumb and correctly placed.

If your fence is on a sloped terrain or in rocky soil, we take that into consideration when beginning the installation of your fencing. We maximize the strength and appearance of your fence for longevity.

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Wood Treatment

We have pressure treated wood for the humid Florida conditions. You can paint the finished fence with water repellent or a paint that is weatherproof. Pine is also used in many fences made of wood; we can specify the grade of pine. The advantage of this wood is that it accepts treatment easily.

All County Fence can help you choose and install the right wood fencing. A wood fence ensures privacy, adds beauty, and in some cases, such as with a swimming pool, adds safety and security to your property. We do small and large installations, so if you prefer a small picket fence, we can install that.

We serve the Central Florida area as well as Flagler and Lake Counties. We are professionals when it comes to installation, so let us install your fencing.

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