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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll Answer Any Of Your Fencing Questions

What Type of Fence Should I Choose?

First, you need to decide on function. Do you require privacy, or safety around a pool? Do you want to retain your pets or prevent access to your property? Or are you interested in curb appeal? We are pleased to discuss your needs and explain the advantages of various materials.

Is There a Minimum Job Size?
No, we do not have any job size requirements.

Do You Offer Free Estimate?
There is never a charge for our estimates.

Are You Licensed?
Yes, we are licensed to install fencing in the municipalities in which we work.

Do You Have Liability Insurance? 
Yes, we carry liability insurance; a copy can be located in our resources tab.

Do You Have Workers Compensation Insurance? 
Yes, we carry workers compensation insurance; a copy can be located in our resources tab.  talling a fence or gate operator at your residential or commercial property can be overwhelming. The highly motivated and professional team at All County Fence Contractors is eager to accept even the most challenging of projects, guiding clients through various options for materials, design and cost-efficiency.

Do You Install All Types of Fence?
We install residential, commercial, and industrial fences of all types.

What Type of Fence Do I Need For My Swimming Pool?
Depending on the municipality, a 4 foot high fence or higher is required around a swimming pool. Most municipalities follow the International Building Code Section AG 102. / Florida 424.2.17 Residential swimming barrier requirement.
Building Code

What Are the Building Codes In My Area?
The building rules and regulations vary from city to city. There are also county regulations and subdivision rules required by home owners associations if you have one. It’s a good idea to check with your local building department and Home Owners Association regarding, codes, setbacks, heights and materials.

Do I Need a Permit?
Many cities and counties required a permit for fencing, if a permit is required in your area we can help you understand the requirements and the process, and because we are licensed and insured we can obtain the permit for you. We do not charge you a fee for this service but you will be responsible for whatever the city or county charges Beware of contractors telling you to get the permit, or that you don’t need a permit! It may be because they are not licensed, insured, or possibly had problems with work in your area and the city will not allow them to secure a permit.

What Do I Need To Obtain a Permit?
A copy of your survey, and Home Owners Association approval if you have a Home Owners Association. Each municipality has its own requirements. We submit the permit to the city.

How Long Does the Permit Take?
Depending on the Municipality it can take 7- 28 days. In some cases longer. The permit has to go through the zoning, engineering, and structural department. If one of those departments finds something that needs to be corrected, it could take longer.

What Happens When the Permit Is Approved?
First, we call you and let you know your permit is ready. Then we have an underground locate performed. This is called a locate ticket and notifies FPL, ATT, Comcast, etc. They go to your property and mark the ground. They will use washable paint. This usually takes 2-3 days. Then we schedule your installation.

Does My Fence Need To Get Inspected?
If there was a permit required to install your fence, then an inspection by the permitting authority will be required. After the job is completed we hang the permit on the fence. We then call in an inspection. We take care of this for you.

How Long Does the Installation Take?
We start your job and finish it. We do not start other jobs and leave your property half completed. A usual installation of 100 feet of residential wood, chain link, aluminum, or pvc, should take only 2-3 days.

Do You Provide Samples and Brochures?
Yes, brochures and samples are available; product data for most fences are included on our resource page.

What Happens If I Can’t Locate My Property Survey Pins?
We are glad to help in locating your property survey pins using the information provided on your survey, however if  the pins cannot be located you will either need to have a professional surveyor relocate the pins, or instruct us as to where exactly you want the fence.

Can I Put My Fence Right On the Property Line?
Most but not all municipalities will allow you to put your fence right up to the property line, however we recommend staying 3” to 6” inside your property line more if you will need maintenance access on the outside of the fence.

What Happens If You Hit My Irrigation Pipe Or Other Obstacles While Installing Fence Posts?
Prior to installation of your fence, we order underground locates at which time any public utilities will be identified and marked on the ground, septic tanks and drain fields should be identified on your survey, private utilities such as sprinkler pipes, electric wires to outbuildings or any other privately placed obstructions cannot be marked, it is the responsibility of the home owner to identify these items, if they are not identified there is no way for us to see them and we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to them.

Do You Require a Deposit?
Yes, we required a 30% deposit at the time of placing the order, the balance is due as the time of completion.

What Are Your Payment Terms?
Our payment terms are as follows, 30% deposit upon order, and the balance as soon as the fence project is completed.

Do You Offer Financing?
Yes, we offer financing through Synchrony Financial, it’s easy to apply, click on the financing button at the top left of our Home Page to fill out the short application and typically you will receive and answer within 24 hours.

If you have a question that is not listed above, feel free to contact All County Fence Contractors.

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