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Benefits of Having a Chain Link Fence

Trying to decide which type of fencing is right for your home can seem like an overwhelming task. A little knowledge about each type we offer can help you narrow down your home fencing options. Many homeowners choose a chain link fence for all the advantages it offers. It is a cost-effective, long-lasting option that will look beautiful around your yard without blocking your view.


A chain link fence, also known as cyclone, hurricane, or mesh fence, is a woven type of fencing that is created by weaving coated, inter-locking steel wires together. The wires are bent in a zig-zag fashion that is designed to give a vertical diamond pattern. This is attached to posts that we embed in the ground for a long-lasting, sturdy support.

Chain link fence is typically anywhere from three to twelve feet high, but it can be found in taller versions if necessary. You will find that it is ideal for enclosing a backyard while creating well defined property lines, keeping playgrounds safe, or protecting empty lots. Because it is a strong and durable type of fence, industrial areas like sports fields, airport security, military bases, and highway projects take advantage of its strength and longevity, as well as, the ability to see through it.


Chain-link fencing is possibly the most cost-efficient material available on the market today. Even when dressed up with a color, it remains a bargain compared to other fence materials and other security solutions.

We can install chain link fences easily and quickly on to your property. This helps keep costs down which makes it an affordable fence for most families. The thickness will also affect pricing. Thinner chain link fences are less expensive but may be weaker. Thicker versions cost slightly more, but you will be getting a fence that will last longer.

Other factors to consider when pricing a chain link fence include maintenance. Chain link fences never need to be painted. The stainless-steel design resists rust, and the diamond pattern rarely needs cleaning.


Most people do not realize the variety of chain link fence available. The traditional silver is the most commonly used and we offer both a galvanized and aluminized version. We even have a variety of color coatings to pick from. You will also have a couple of options when it comes to an entrance. Swing gates are the typical choice of homeowners, but if space is limited, consider a sliding entrance. These come in both manual and automatic designs.

The width of the entrance can also be flexible. You can choose to have us install a narrower gate that allows room for one person to go through or you can select a wider gate. Wider gates are ideal if you plan to take lawn equipment or other vehicles into the fenced in area.


Chain link fences are among the most durable type of fencing available. The woven design provides added strength, and it is highly adaptable to many uses. It is perfect for keeping pets and young children safely in your own yard. It can also provide protection around sports fields as well as help keep areas clean by catching debris that would otherwise blow in.We can also create a stronger chain-link fence for your property by using thicker fabric (mesh), larger top rail, adding bottom rail, or tension wire, and even installing thicker posts.

Chain-link fencing is galvanized, making it highly resistant to rusting. Black and green chain-link fences are vinyl coated, adding increased strength and beauty. A chain-link fence will stand strong day after day, no matter the environmental stresses you encounter on a frequent basis.

Unlike wood fences, you will never need to worry about rot, and the stainless-steel construction never needs painting to preserve its strength. Another plus when it comes to a metal chain link fence is that it is pest resistant. You will never have to worry about termites or other small insects destroying your fence’s basic structure.

If a chain link fence suits your individual needs, call us today to set up an appointment. We will help you select just the right materials and expertly install your fence.

When you hire All County Fence Contractors for your fencing needs you will receive the look you want with the durability you need, and we always strive to enhance our customer’s satisfaction with unequaled service. Our fencing company also offers consulting for residential and commercial clients within and surrounding area.

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