Few things give your home and yard more privacy than a fence. Much like the methods and materials used for houses, fences have come a long way. The main options, and often the only practical options, were wood and metal. Vinyl fencing is one of the newest options available for residential properties. Wondering if you should try it? Here’s how to know if vinyl fencing is right for your Orlando home.

You Don’t Want Much Upkeep

Vinyl fencing might be right for your home if you want privacy that you don’t have to do much to maintain. While wood fences can take a lot of upkeep and replacements over time. Likewise, the materials are more likely to shift over time. Vinyl stays in place and requires very little maintenance in comparison.

You’re Willing to Invest More for a Fence

Vinyl fencing does require more of an investment upfront. If you’re basing your choice on upfront cost only, the price tag for vinyl might deter you. That said, vinyl fences last longer, take less time to maintain, and don’t often need to be refinished. If you’re willing to invest more in the beginning for long term convenience and low maintenance, vinyl fencing might appeal to you.

You Want a Permanent Option

Vinyl fences are preconstructed. Wood fences are placed into the ground post by post. If the ground shifts beneath the posts, they’ll have to be replaced and reinserted. Vinyl fences are placed by first laying down concrete. Then, the fencing is put into place. That means that the fence is placed just as permanently as the concrete. Of course, that also means you need to allow sufficient time for the concrete to dry.

You Want to Keep Sound and Wind Out

Where other types of fencing have gaps between posts, vinyl is a solid piece. That means you have more privacy since you don’t have large gaps between posts. It also means that it’s easier to keep sound from coming into your yard. Naturally, you’re more protected from the wind too. So if you live in a high traffic area, or often have strong wind, vinyl fencing can lessen it.

You Have Help for Installation

Whether you choose a professional, or your best buddy, vinyl fences require (at least) two people to install. They’re heavy, and since they come in large slabs, it’s not practical for one person to do alone. Make sure to allow a few days for the process too.


Vinyl fences may not be right for every home, or every homeowner. They’re a newer way to fence in your yard, rather than using traditional methods. They can be a good option, provided you want the specific qualities they provide and don’t mind investing in your fence. Either way, now you can decide for yourself if vinyl fencing is the right choice for your home.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Alyse Perfetto 09/05/2020

From start to finish, working with this company was a pleasure. The salesman Tyler was very knowledgeable. From the time we had the consultation to the finished product was about a month which was faster than I anticipated. The installers were also very efficient and friendly. They didn’t even mind when I had to let my dogs out in the yard. Overall it was a great experience and my fence looks great. Thank you.

Jesse 06/22/2020

Steve and company were great. Reasonable price was worth every penny. Answered all questions and went above and beyond to make the fence look great. Could not be happier with process and results.

Dan Sealock 07/20/2020

Steve was very helpful thru the entire process, he stayed in contact with me and if he didn’t answer my phone call he quickly returned my call. The job was so well done several neighbor are now requesting estimates from Steve.

Daniel Healy 02/12/2020

Everyone I dealt with is an expert in their job. This made the process very smooth and transparent. They answered all of my questions immediately and patiently. There were zero surprises. The whole thing went like clockwork.

I confidently recommend them to anyone who is interested in having a fence installed.

Alex potter 12/12/2019

These guys are awesome from start to end. He was very professional with us and gave us exactly what we wanted from our modern style front fencing. He provided fast response and solid communication. The workers were polite and did an amazing job. We only had the fence for less than a week and plenty of compliments from neighbors and family. Will definitely go with them again for our backyard fence and other future needs. Highly Recommended!

Francis Brewer 09/12/2019

Absolutely incredible experience. Everything from the initial sales call, the options they offered compared to their competition and all the way until paying the bill was absolutely perfect. Good people, very considerate of all our plants and very attentive to our needs. Hi integrity. They built a fence that will be here for more years then we will be in this house. But if we ever need another one we will certainly call them again.

Wilma Knight 09/12/2019

Bart just completed a good neighbor fence for me and I am so pleased and impressed with his work. Instead of just putting up a straight fence, he staggered the height giving the fence just a little extra beauty and interest. That combined with his reasonable pricing has left me feeling very satisfied and confident that I have a great vendor to go to next time I need fence work done. He is very pleasant to deal with.