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Historically speaking, one of the most common materials used to build fences is wood. But as time passed, more and more options eventually became available. As a result, fewer wooden fences were made. Because of that, we believe that it’s high time that we revisit the pros and cons of a classic wood fence.

One clear advantage would be the way that it uniquely enhances your home’s aesthetic value. A white wood fence surrounding a house is an iconic image that’s easily associated with a good old-fashioned American lifestyle. Wood is also much easier to work with compared to other materials. It’s easy to cut, carve, and nail together different pieces to create whatever design that comes to your mind. In that sense, the intricacy or simplicity of your wood fence is almost entirely limited by your own imagination.

Some wood variants, like cedar, are also water and mold-resistant. Cedar also happens to be quite beautiful and blends in well with most traditional home designs. As if that wasn’t enough, cedar even gives off a unique fragrance, which has been described as having a “camphoraceous top note with a woodsy, balsamic undertone.” It is also less likely to warp and rot quickly, because of its natural moisture-resistance. The downside to this is that cedar is more costly compared to other types of wood. It also needs to be repainted every couple of years, since it has a tendency to fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

Compared to vinyl posts, a wood fence is incredibly forgiving during the installation process. Vinyl posts are often prefabricated, just like most types of metal posts. This means that its height isn’t easily adjusted. Adding fence panels is also relatively simple. Should the distance be greater between two posts than expected, it will be much easier to adjust a wood fence than it would be to adjust a vinyl or metal one. All of these factors really add to the ease and convenience of the installation process.

Now let’s talk about aesthetics. Unlike other types of fence, wood fences are easily painted or stained. There are plenty of paints and stains available at your local hardware store. These products come in a wide range of colors and hues, ranging from transparent to black. The sheer amount of choices that you have at your fingertips makes designing wood fences incredibly easy. Don’t like the way your fence looks? Just head over to the local hardware store and pick out a different color. It’s going to be that easy!

Well there you have it. If you’re looking to install a wood fence for your home, then you’ve got a ton of advantages to look forward to. You’re not likely to regret a decision like this, so have fun with it and be sure to take what’s been said here into great consideration.

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