You’ve heard the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? You may need to use that many words just to explain what we need to give you a quote over the phone. OR, we can come take a look at your property and save you some time and hopefully some money.

You see, cost varies, of course, by the type offence you order but also includes the time it takes to install. And that depends on the size and type of area you want to enclose. Most people don’t have that information at their fingertips. And even though land surveys and county documents can be helpful in getting some of that information, they don’t show the shape of the land or any impediments to putting up a fence.

Getting a quote over the phone is like asking your neighbor what they paid for their fence. Think of the many reasons why you wouldn’t trust the price of your fence being the same as what they paid: prices may have gone up or down since they purchased their fence; maybe their yard isn’t exactly the same layout as yours; maybe you don’t even like how their fence looks. The point is, there most likely will always be some reason not to trust a phone estimate. I know you are thinking that prices can change even if we come out and do an estimate, right? True, but if the prices change after we give you an estimate it will usually be because you changed something, not us.

In short, there is such a variety in quality, types of materials, fencing construction, and techniques of installation, that your best bet to save time and money is to get an estimate from the experts. Contact All County Fence Contractors and let us get to know you and your fencing needs. Call 407-885-5520 today!