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Vinyl/PVC Fence Installation in Orlando

Vinyl/PVC Fence Installation: Understanding the Basics

Vinyl/PVC fencing is one of the most popular materials in the marketplace today. Its durability and elegant appearance match nearly any landscape, including residential and commercial properties. We encourage you to hire a professional to install your fencing since erecting and aligning a fence has some exact science behind it.

Clearing the Legalities

Hiring a professional company, such as All County Fence, takes the difficulty out of fencing design and construction. We start our installation by looking at the legal aspect of the project, such as:

  • Property-line limitations
  • Local easements
  • HOA or zoning-law features

Your fence must be constructed on your property. Most properties line up like soldiers along a standard, neighborhood block. By locating the fence along your property’s edge, there’s no concern about who is responsible for its repair and upkeep. It’s yours to enjoy as its security and privacy improve your property’s value.

Staking out the Line

A significant reason why a professional is necessary for fencing work is the layout. The fence must be staked out with straight lines and appropriate corners. Contractors typically set temporary posts and string lines between them as visual markers. They alter this arrangement until a rough pattern emerges. This string line will eventually become your fence.

At this point, contractors also take the slope of a property into consideration. They must account for an upslope or downslope across the land so that the fence has an attractive appearance. You’ll notice measuring tapes, wood and string lines used once again as the fence project comes alive.

Digging for Posts

Contractors vary their techniques when it comes to digging holes for the posts. Ideally, each hole will be 10 inches in diameter. The depth, however, depends on the posts’ lengths. Most contractors install about one-third of the post into the ground. This rough value keeps the posts sturdy through most weather patterns.

Along with the post, the hole must also support about 6 inches of gravel. This material gives the hole some drainage so that the post is never submerged in water. Trapped moisture can wear away any material, including PVC plastic.

Setting the Concrete

Contractors move onto concrete setting at this point. We’ll fill the hole with wet concrete. The post goes into the wet concrete so that it can set. Part of the concrete fills the post where there’s a hollow section. This bonding is critical to a long-lasting fence.

You’ll notice that the contractor spends some time with alignment as the concrete remains pliable. We’ll follow these steps, including:

1. Tapping the post into the ground until it strikes the gravel.

2. Plumbing and leveling the post.

3. Setting adjacent posts.

4. Comparing and adjusting the post-grouping before the concrete sets.

The posts are the most critical components of the fencing installation. It takes time to set them right. They should appear straight and plumb from a quick glance at the layout.

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Attaching the Panels

We install brackets onto the posts so that the panels can slide into place. Because the posts will be installed with great accuracy, the brackets and panels should fit together without any problems.

Contractors inspect and test the fencing with every panel in place. There shouldn’t be any warped or bowed sections.
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