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Advantages of PVC Fencing

Top 6 Advantages of PVC Fencing

PVC fences are an excellent choice for businesses, pools, and homes because they require low-maintenance. Besides, PVC fences have an array of desirable qualities that make it favorable for commercial and residential fencing. The PVC fencing is growing in popularity amidst the wide variety of fencing options available in the market. If you are still wondering what the hype about PVC fences is all about, we have prepared a list of its advantages.


PVC fencing material is flexible, which makes it less vulnerable to splinter and breaking unlike other fencing materials in case it suffers severe physical damage. Besides, PVC fences are stronger than most fences, and they don’t absorb moisture. Therefore, we recommend homeowners living in climates that experience adverse weather conditions to consider this fencing material.

Ease of maintenance

PVC fences are non-absorbent, which makes cleaning more comfortable than most fencing options. In fact, we recommend using a pressure washer to get rid of debris or use a sponge with soapy water to get rid of mold growth and stubborn stains. Additionally, homeowners don’t require sealing their fences with particular chemicals to avoid breaking down or warping due to exposure to weather conditions.

Ease of installation

The PVC material is lightweight. Hence, we can quickly move around with posts and fence boards as we install the fence for our clients. Consequently, the installation process takes less time than the usual, which saves on labor and money. In fact, some manufacturers manufacture pre-built PVC fences, rather than individual boards to make the installation process simpler and faster. Also, since PVC fences are lightweight, we easily carry out repairs in case of damages in the future.

Long-run costs

With a PVC fence, you won’t have to incur money to seal the fence every year to protect it from pest infestations and other environmental factors. Also, you don’t need frequent maintenance besides cleaning the fence. Therefore, the long-run costs of a PVC fence are extremely low. That makes PVC fences the perfect fencing option for homeowners with tight budgets.

Aesthetic customization

We can fabricate PVC fences to suit your needs and personal preferences. PVC fences have an array of patterns, colors, and textures, which allows us to customize the fence’s appearance to match the design of your landscape, the exterior of your home or building and your exact specifications. Additionally, we can customize the PVC fence to look like other fencing materials, which means that you can enjoy the appearance of wood or metal fences by installing a PVC fence. PVC fencing has many options which offers home and business owners an array of aesthetic options as compared to most fencing materials.

Resistance to rust and water

PVC fences are immune to water damage because they are made from a non-absorbent material. Therefore, you don’t have to freak about the fence changing shape after some time because of warping or rotting. Consequently, the fences are not subject to corrosion and rust, which eat away the structure of your fence. Therefore, we recommend people residing in coastal areas to consider installing PVC fences because the salty water will not encourage rust, which eats away certain metal fences. Besides, you don’t have to incur treatment expenses to get rid of pests such as termites.

We encourage you to consider PVC fencing for your next home remodeling project. You can contact All County Fence Contractors for professional installation as well as maintenance to take your property to the next level. We can install PVC fences in various styles that will suit the design and style of your property.

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