There are few things in life one can count on. But if you want” to build” a fence~ count on getting a “building” permit. Even if you live outside city limits (unincorporated) you will be required to get a permit. Are there ever any instances where a permit may not be required? Y es~ perhaps in some really rural areas, or if you are repairing or replacing, let’s say, “One (1) panel worth” offence. Each city/county may differ in their requirements. Just count on needing a permit and be pleasantly surprised if you don’t.

A good fence company usually will pull the permit for you and either itemize the expense or include it in the overall price of the job.

The permit is required so that the fence will be built to legal & code specifications. The city/county will be given your fencing plans, along with your application and usually a survey, and if they feel it meets their requirements they will give the go ahead for you to proceed with the fence project. When the job is finished a building code inspector from the city/county will check to make sure that it was really built as approved. This step is just as important as getting the ok to proceed. Make sure your fence has been inspected and the final approval received. | 407-885-5520 |