The Florida sun is also hard on wood fences. And that is sad. It is the most environmentally friendly fence option. You’d think the environment would return the favor. Not so. The Florida sun will be particularly mean to it, causing it to fade very quickly. Wood fencing also swells and expands with the humidity and can mildew which is why you need to snap a picture the day of installation because that is the best it will ever look. On the other hand, if you like to paint and customize, wood fence may be right for you. We are happy to install it beautifully for you. The Florida sun is the enemy here.

Vinyl fencing has advantages over wood fencing and will last longer than most other fence products. Whereas time is the enemy for wood, time is where you see your savings benefit with vinyl. Although its price point is higher than wood the value is in that longevity. It requires little maintenance and never needs painting because it won’t fade from constant exposure to the suns UV rays. Storms are this fences worst natural enemy, not the sun.

And that brings us to chain link and wrought iron fence. Wrought iron is more expensive than chain link but both are about the same as far as withstanding the Florida sun. Most are powder coated (think of how your car is painted) so will withstand the environment. But since they are metal they will rust (again, think of your car). Rust and storms are these fence’s worst natural enemies. But interestingly, after a hurricane go around and check which type of fencing is still standing. Surprisingly it is chain link. It not as pretty as other types of fence and doesn’t afford privacy, yet will still provide barrier protection in addition to helping keep your children and pets in a specific area for their own safety. The Chain Link fence can also be coated brown or green to help it blend in with the environment.

You have a lot to consider when choosing your fence. The environmental factor is just one aspect. | 407-885-5520 |