Chain link fencing is a good option for security. Though it isn’t as visually appealing as other types of fencing, it is long lasting and cost effective. These are some of the benefits you get from chain link fences:

Sometimes called hurricane or cyclone fencing, a chain link fence is a woven fence made up of interlocking, coated steel wires. They are bent vertically to form a zigzag design, and then joined in a diamond pattern. The wires are then attached to steel posts embedded in the ground.

Chain link fences are commonly used to enclose houses or other areas such as backyards, playgrounds, empty lots, industrial areas and sports fields. They are also used for airport security, correctional facility containment, military bases, highway projects and more. The open weave of the chain link wiring allows people within and outside the fencing to see through.

Chain link fences are usually 3 to 12 feet in height, although they can be made taller if needed. Installation should be pretty easy, but requires patience and planning. Before proceeding with installation, consider your options—remember that thinner materials will be cheaper but weaker. Thick materials are expensive but will last for a longer time.

What makes this type of fencing appealing to many home and business owners is that, compared with other fencing types with visibility options and similar strength, the cost is significantly lower. Chain link fencing is a favorite in Abbots-ford homes because it provides reliable security at a fraction of the price.

Quick Installation
Unlike other types of fences, chain link is much easier to install. However, you may find it easier to contract the help of a professional. After installation, you will never have to worry about cleaning or painting your fence because chain link is designed to take a beating and keep looking great.

Chain link fences come in several varieties. There are color-coated ones that some people find more appealing than the usual silver steel color. You can also choose the thickness and style of the fencing material.

A chain link fence with a sliding entrance is ideal for those who have limited space, and where a swinging gate will not fit. The gate can be set up to open either manually or automatically. If there is enough space, you may prefer a swing gate. You may also choose a walk through gate wide enough for only one person.

Chain link fences are durable and highly adaptable, and they require little to no maintenance; unlike wooden fences which require staining every few years, and eventually start to rot. And because they are made of steel, it’s impossible for pests, such as termites, to destroy them.

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